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Ymir mobile

Dunhagi 5, 107 Reykjavķk
844-6337 / +354 844-6337
Dating back as far as they can remember the founders of Ymir Mobile have always had a keen interest in the mobile phone as a platform. They wrote their first mobile applications in 2000 while both employed at a local software company and although numerous years of university studies and other adventures put a hold on their professional careers in the field, their interest never waned. In 2008 they finally decided to act on this common interest and founded Ymir Mobile.

Our main focus has always been on mobile platforms but on occasions we've had to dip our toes into other areas as well. No matter the platform, we always aim at developing products of the highest quality, both in our own projects as well as when assisting other businesses in need of a mobile solution. We hope our portfolio speaks to our success in that regard.

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