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Laugavegur 66, 101 Reykjavķk

CAOZ is a leading European 3D animation studio founded in 2001 with a long track record of producing quality films, commercials and visual F/X work. Our first two short films, The Lost Little Caterpillar and Anna and the Moods, have received numerous awards.

Our latest film, Legends of Valhalla - Thor, is a full length CG adventure set in the Norse mythology universe that will entertain kids of all ages starting in stereoscopic 3d in 2012. In addition to Legends of Valhalla, we have a number of fun projects in development or pre-production, including Egill, an animated film about the wild and uncontrollable viking warrior, Egill Skallagrímsson.

On other fronts, CAOZ is a leading company in creating stunning visuals for films, commercials or for whatever is asked of us.

Our goal is to combine great storytelling, creativity, a sense of adventure and cutting edge animation to create compelling entertainment experiences for a wide range of audiences. We believe in bringing our properties to life over multiple media and distribution channels to allow people to enjoy our films and content wherever they are and with whatever device they are using at the time.

Our people are our secret sauce, combining great artistic talent and a passion for telling exciting stories with extensive know how of industry leading tools and processes. We also work closely with other leaders in the animation industry on various projects and for example we are a founding partner of the Nordic TD Forum and members of the Association of Icelandic Film Producers.

CAOZ is owned by Titan Investments, Bru II Venture Capital Fund, Hilmar Gunnarsson and key management along with selected individual investors.

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