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MT-tech ehf.

Įrleynir 8, 112 Reykjavķk
522 9161

Dr. Maria Ragnarsdottir is the founder and majority proprietress of MT-tech Ldt and ReMo Ldt and a part time research physiotherapist at Landspitali National and University Hospital. She is the inventor of the Respiratory Movement Measuring Instrument, now The Respiratory Eagle and the PA pressure Puffin.

She was a first price winner in a competition held by the University of Iceland and two patent agencies Arnason/faktor Ldt and Einkaleyfastofan Ldt for the Respiratory Eagle, won a special recognition award from QUIN Iceland in 2004 and from EUWIIN in Berlin 2007. In 2008 she was awarded for her inventions by QUIN Iceland and Reykjavík Energy. Dr. Rgnarsdottir has won a premium for her research activities in 2007 from a foundation in honor of Dr. Johann Axelsson, professor emeritus.

Gudmundur H. Sigmundsson, CEO

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