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Sólfar Studios

Austurstręti 12, 101 Reykjavķk
Sólfar Studios is dedicated to advancing the medium of VR, forging new transformative experiences and leading you to paths unknown. 

We make transformative virtual reality. Just as a great novel, game or film can shift your perspective on life, we will give our participants access to visceral emotions within environments they would otherwise never have the opportunity to experience. 

We do this by coupling state-of-the-art Virtual Reality technology with outstanding artistic talent in our network to create unique, reliably impactful products. 

Company Overview: 
Sólfar Studios is founded by three industry veterans that have been working on the cutting edge of online worlds, games and virtual reality for over 20 years. Highly selective on talent and collaborators while keeping a nimble profile, we pride ourselves on an uncompromising commitment to the quality and impact of our productions.​

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