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Platome Biotechnology

Įlfaskeiš 27, 220 Hafnarfirši
Platome Biotechnology provides scientists with high-quality solutions to grow stem cells and tissues in laboratories without the use of animal serum.
Scientists and companies worldwide are studying stem cells for medical treatments. Stem cells need to be grown outside of the body in a laboratory. The cells do not grow without growth supplements. Today's most commonly used growth supplement is blood-derived serum from fetal calves (fetal bovine serum, FBS) or other animals. 
The use of animal serum to grow cells intended for medical treatment is strictly regulated. The strict regulations are due to potential health risks related to animal serum. Animal serum is associated with high variability between production lots and its availability is vulnerable to environmental factors. The problems linked to animal serum are costly, time-consuming and complicated. Animal-free options are needed yet the development of such products has been problematic. Recent guidelines encourage the use of human based alternatives such as the platelet lysates produced at Platome Biotechnology. Demand for such products has subsequently increased.
Platome develops a range of solutions and products which solve the problems of animal serum. Our products are for scientists who grow stem cells and tissues in the laboratory. The products are used instead of animal serum without changing the methods applied. This allows for an easy transition to our products with minimal effort from the user, while also eliminating the problems of animal serum. Platome has demonstrated the efficacy of the products and their suitability to grow and support stem cells with scientific research and publications. By using ours products the user saves time and effort while gaining more quality with a reliable product.
All the products from Platome are made from expired platelets which are obtain from blood banks. Platelets from blood banks have passed vigorous quality control and are a valuable material. Blood banks, however, are forced to discard platelets regularly since they have a short shelf life and expire only few days after production. We at Platome have demonstrated that expired platelets can be used to fully support growing stem cells. We turn this waste into value with production processes that we have already developed. This makes our products environmentally friendly and support animal welfare since biological waste is reduced and no animals are harmed in the process

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