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Aluminium production is the most carbon intensive process in metallurgy with significant volume of carbon emissions around the world. Arctus Metals Ltd. (AM) developed a turn-key modular aluminium smelter based on an innovative chemical process, which is carbon free, consumes less energy and is much cheaper. The proprietary technology is based on the Beck electrolysis cell exploiting vertical inert electrodes at a lower 750C temperature. The European aluminium smelting industry has been affected by the EU strict environmental policy. AM will offer EU aluminium product manufacturers a solution to reduce/stop aluminium import dependency, currently set high, and regain competitiveness through considerable cost savings. The Phase 1 project will be focused on establishing a complete supply chain, a sound business model and commercialization strategy and a plan of all activities for industrialization and deployment of the pilots with scaled up smelters. Aluminium manufacturers and potential distrubutors will be contacted and commercial agreements evaluated.

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